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VMWare vSphere 6 7-Mode NetApp VASA provider?




I just wanted to get confirmation from anyone if VASA provider is supported on a NetApp filer running 7-Mode 8.2.3 with VMware vSphere 6 as the vCenter server and hypervisor. I have installed VASA provider 1.0.1 which is the latest for 7-mode. 


I am having all sorts of issues with rollling out VASA on our Live production servers even though I have tested at our DR site with the same vSphere versions and it is working as expected. The only differerence is at DR we use a FAS2240-4 and at Production we use hardware comprising of a FAS8020. Both are running 7-mode 8.2.3.


I initialy installed VASA provider on a seperate server, this didnt work, I then found a workaround where it could be installed on the vCentre server however it would require the use of a differnet port than the default. I changed the port to 8444 rather than 8443. I have also turned the firewall off the windows machine, this hasn't helped. 


I am getting the following errors: 


when attempting to register VASA provider I get the following messages:




Any suggestions on what it could be. 




Re: VMWare vSphere 6 7-Mode NetApp VASA provider?




Looking at the IMT, VASA Provider 1.0.1 only supports vCenter 5.5 and below with 7-mode Data ONTAP.  VASA Provider 6.0 supports vCenter 5.5 and above with cDOT.





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Re: VMWare vSphere 6 7-Mode NetApp VASA provider?


I thought that was the case..



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