VMware Multipath Round Robin to FAS8020 - best practice?

I'd like to know what the best practice for the IOPS value in VMware's Round-Robin multipath policy please? I've read NetApp document "TR-4068 v2.0" and cannot find an answer in there.

My question has been prompted by this article on VMware

It suggests to modify the IOPS value in Round-Robin from 1000 to 1 to improve performance.


Looking for NetApp/community advice on this please Smiley Happy

Re: VMware Multipath Round Robin to FAS8020 - best practice?



There is no recommendation to change the value from the default of 1000.  You can adjust the value if desired, but my understanding is that below about 100 there was no significant change when testing was done internally.  Anytime you adjust a value for performance, be sure to test before and after to ensure that you are actually seeing a benefit.


Hope that helps!


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