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VMware firmware


I have a customer who is looking for the latest firmware for VMware to support FAS2020. Any help as to where i can find this for the customer?


VMware firmware

What do you mean by "firmware for VMware"? Firmware is for hardware, so you probably mean BIOS, which you'll have to check with your server vendor.

Or maybe you mean firmware for an FC HBA or iSCSI HBA, in which case you'd have to check the VMware HCL and/or look on the HBA's vendor pages

If you can be more specific on what you're looking for, maybe we can help you better


VMware firmware

Most customers referring to firmware come from a background of other storage vendors. In the case of NetApp they actually mean Ontap.

So I can only assume hes got a confused customer asking what version of Ontap supports Vmware.

The answer is: any version of Ontap will support Vmware. If this is for SAN you need to make sure your HBAs are supported by

vmware. Ontap will typically support most HBAs (to my knowledge)



VMware firmware


If you are *really* pedantic and / or there are some *really* obsolete versions in the picture, you can cross-check everything using IMT:


E.g. ONTAP 6.5 is supported with ESX no later than 2.5.1



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