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VSC 2.0 error while adding controller to provisioning and cloning


After I upgraded the VSC to 2.0 version, im not able to add the controller to the provisioning and cloning. Its erroring out by " Cannot add new storage controller, general error".

The controller was automatically detected and displayed at the VSC overview sceen and i'm able to add the controller to the backup and recovery.

I was able to add and provision the same controller with RCU before, this happens after the installation of the VSC 2.0. Is there any additional software requirement for the VSC 2.0 to work, btw vsc is installed on the vcenter server, which is a virtual machine.



I have the same issue and open a support case with Netapp,

This is a well know error / bug on the VSC 2.0.

This error message is related to this BURT:  435103  - "Kamino fails to add storage controllers if NFS is not licensed"

If you do not have NFS licenced then you can not add controllers on the provisioning and cloning tab (RCU 3.1)



Ha, I'm actually on hold with netapp right now.  Is there some other way to discover the filers if we don't have NFS licensed?


Hi, what I did was , after installing the VSC2.0, I reinstalled the old RCU on the vcenter. This installed  and enabled the kamino plugin.

On the Solutions and Applications section you can see Netapp and RCU, add the controller through RCU.

On the inventory section , if you right click on host or cluster, you can see two netapp list. I tried it on the test setup, not on the production. I'm not sure of any conflicts between two vesion of RCU's

Will wait for the next release..


Thanks for the reply , we dont have NFS licensed on this particular controller. All vmfs are through iSCSI.

Will wait for the next version.



I temp workaround we did was reques a NFS trial license for 90 days and then I was able to add the controlles on the provisioning a cloning tab. We are not using NFS at this time.

I was able to deploy VMFS datastores but still having some issues with VSC 2.0. For example:

* I lost one of the controllers and can not get i back, even after hitting update several time, closing Virtual Center, etc.

* I got errors applying the NFS/MPIO recomended setting to ESX 4.0 u2 ost...

IMO seem VSC 2.0 still have some bugs


There could be any number of reasons why VSC is no longer showing a controller.   The most common is that LUN or NFS mounts is no longer mapped to any of the ESX hosts being managed by the vCenter Server.   Verify that the LUN or NFS Mounts is still in use, and that the ESX host is powered on and in a "connected' state".    Look in the task list, did all the "Discovery" tasks complete successfully?

If none of these pan out, I would suggest you contact NetApp support.  They can assist in parsing through the logs to determine what happened. 

As for the NFS/MPIO settings... what errors?   Again, NetApp Support can assist in determining what happened and how to rectify the error condition.