VSC 2.01 + Cloning trouble


I am trying out the VSC plugin and having some trouble doing a cloning of my VMs...everything works until the VM is supposed to be powered on. Then I get this : "Reason Insufficient Permission to access file, Cannot open the disk /vmfs/volumes/308947293487298374/VMNAME/vmimage.vmdk"

We use NFS with Unix security and read/write access is enabled in vmware.

what are we doing wrong?


Re: VSC 2.01 + Cloning trouble

Did you try logging into the VI client using an administrator account?

Re: VSC 2.01 + Cloning trouble


yes, I am loggod on as an administrator...however, we just found out that if I am moving the VM to another storage (nfs also) it starts up just the problem must be on that specifik storage...will check and report back..