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VSC 2.01 on Win2008R2 with vCenter - Plugin fun


I opened NetApp Log # 2001900768 yesterday on this. I'm working through some fun trying to get the plugin operational. Is it best practice to install it on the same server as vCenter or use a remote server? We are still setting up our Filers and have not presented netapp storage to them. However we have setup the filers with a seperate account for vCenter access, we set them to allow http access and we are not using SSL. The filers have dedicated IP addresses and I can manage them via Netapp System Manager etc.

When I open VSC in vCenter and it goes off for a long time doing discovery then assuming it is registered with vCenter it will come back with one of the filers and a NAS device by IP. I want to rid the config of the NAS device that VSC thinks is a controller. Support sent a couple kb articles that aren't much help yet.



I do not have a VSC.XML file on the system at this point perhaps due to all the times mucked with this thing. Right now I don't think it is properly registered with vCenter so discoveries come back empty.

https://localhost:8143/register.html comes back as


Problem accessing /register.html. Reason:


I don't know if this is good old Windows UAC or if the plugin is just foobar to use a Netapp term.

Please give me something other than a stupid wizard to rely for configuration!



Re: VSC 2.01 on Win2008R2 with vCenter - Plugin fun


try to use https://localhost:8143/Register.html

with an uppercase "R".



Re: VSC 2.01 on Win2008R2 with vCenter - Plugin fun

thanks that worked for registration.. that warrants a "you gotta be kidding me".

Re: VSC 2.01 on Win2008R2 with vCenter - Plugin fun

Thanks.  This helped me with my problem.  After a vCenter upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1, I was getting a HTTP Error 403, Forbidden for /Main.html while trying to use the VSC in the vSphere client.  This lead me to this and I faced the same issue with a capital Registry.html.  Re-registering the plugin did the trick.

Re: VSC 2.01 on Win2008R2 with vCenter - Plugin fun

I cried with laughter at this solution but thank you so much. Can I get the 2 hours of my life back from netapp now please. BTW this still applies on VSC 5.0!

Re: VSC 2.01 on Win2008R2 with vCenter - Plugin fun

thank you!! Tried several browsers and destroyed a cup of coffee before ... thanks! Smiley Happy