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VSC 5.0 vCenter 5.5U1 and ESX 5.5U1


On a quite fresh installed vCenter i have issues that the VSC link my 2 Filers with the hosts and i get some nasty Java errors when i try to setup Provisioning and Cloning settings.

I was quite naive to trust a Netapp whitepaper - because it statet that VSC 5.0 needs vCenter 5.5 or higher (which means minimum one version above 5.5 GA is usable - if only 5.5 is supportet it cant state "and higher").

Now i am stuck with this - and i need urgently the VSC running, it is an VDI solution relying on Rapid Cloning.

Are there any nice TS guides what to check if the VSC can't determine the connected hosts to an Storage ?

How could i get access to Beta versions of the VCS ?



Hi Mario,

Two gotchas that you will have to be careful of

1 - ESX5.5U1 has a bug with NFS - This has been recently been resolved with Express Patch 04 - See VMware KB2076392

2 - It might be the version of Java you are using . I will download an earlier version and try the process again. In the VSC 5 admin and install guide, it mentions Java JRE v1.6.0_21


I saw several hints about the Java version in other threads - but on my vCenter server which hosts the VSC too is no Java installed and the VSC seems to use the apache tomcat wrapper project which sandboxes the Java within the package. Or does the Client need a certain Java version ?