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VSC 6.0 Restore VM for Diagnostics

One of the Windows Server vm's has become unstable and slow, and its web app will be migrated to a new vm during the next maintenance period.  In the interim I'd like to restore a duplicate from volume snapshot (to run diags on) using VSC Web Client.  The VSC 6.0 Admin Guide walks through mounting a snap and restoring the VM, but it does not appear a vm can be restored without impacting the original.  


Is there a method where a VM can be restored from snap while the original VM continues running in the ESX 6.0 cluster?  Documented?





Re: VSC 6.0 Restore VM for Diagnostics

Re: VSC 6.0 Restore VM for Diagnostics

I want something like that to test patch update on our databases, but idk if is possible.

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