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VSC 6. Resizing NFS datastore ISSUES Storage not found


Greets all,

using vsc 6 When trying to resize a NFS datstore on a cdot system running 8.3P2. I get the following message:


"The selected datastore does not reside on any of the netapp storage controllers configured in Virtual Storage Console. This operation cannot be completed."


I assure you the storage has been added.  Any hints tips or ideas..?






Has same issue in my lab environment. If you check kamino.log (C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\log) you should be able to find line similar to this (search for "not yet been fully discoverred" string)


Controller: 8fbef3a5-b2e8-11e5-84dc-0050569634b4(addr=, user=admin) has not yet been fully discovered by Kamino.


The reason why it's not fully discovered is (from the same kamino.log file)


TRACE [RawHttpZAPIInvoker] - Calling zapi on, secure=true, useTLS=true
DEBUG [ZAPIInvoker] - retryIfApplicable: message=netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException: Server chose TLSv1, but that protocol version is not enabled or not supported by the client. (errno=51) nae=netapp.manage.NaAPIFailedException: Server chose TLSv1, but that protocol version is not enabled or not supported by the client. (errno=51)


And indeed, I changed TLS versions as described here: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2026327&locale=en_US


1. Open %Programfiles%\Netapp\Virtual Storage Console\wrapper\wrapper.conf

     Locate the wrapper.java.additional.X lines (should be 7)

2. Add the following additional line:

3. Restart VSC service



Hope this helps.









Plese see if this helps.


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Thanks for the note. However this did not work. Additionally while it is trying to "resize" the "cancel" buttons are greyed out and not clickable for an action.


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