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VSC 6 VM Optimization - Online Migration failed


noHi all,


i experience some issues with the new NetApp VSC 6 and VM Optimation & Migration.

my Environment:

- server 2012 R2 / vcenter 6 / vmfs 5

- netapp vsc 6

- all vm data stores created by vsc 5

starting lun scan its working fine. vsc 6 shows me all misaligned vms

now select a misaligned VM and try to migrate to existing data store - result : there are no suitable datastore available´. . .  i cant believed

trying to run migration by using "new datastore" . vsc 6 creates a new datastore and migrate the vm to the new datastore.

run a re-scan to all datastores to be sure vsc 6 has recognized the new datastore.

now trying to migrate the next vm and get the same error when choose to existing datastore, but normally vsc 6 should display the self (previous) created datastore.

same Issue seems to be for offline Migration . . . no suitable datastore available.


has anyone tried to work with the vsc 6 VM Optimation Tool ?


thanks for any feedback !


- Mario