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VSC 9.6 not working properly


Morning VSC experts. I did an install of VSC 9.6 on vSphere 6.7U3 this weekend, that alreayd had a number of datastores attached to the hosts. I have some issues.


VSC options only appears on three of the 8 datastores.



If I create a new datastore, VSC options are visible and work ok.


Datastores are visible on the cluster view, but not the SVM view, and the mgmt IP of the SVM shows the same as the cluster mgmt (this may be correct).


cluster datastores.PNGstorage systems.PNGsvm datastores.PNG



There is no offical Information that 6.7U3 is supported, I think they will wait for ONTAP 9.7 GA, before they launch a Update for the VSC...


So  I have the same "BUGS"


We qualified Virtual Appliance 9.6 with vCenter/vSphere 6.7U3 at the end of October, so I don't think this is the cause.


My thought was that discovery of these systems had not yet fully completed.




Mmm nothings different to previous versions I've worked. I've got another install coming up in a few weeks, so will see how that one pans out, but I'm guessing it's probably a bug. 


Are you using 9.6P1, or just 9.6?  9.6P1's been out since October but I only downloaded it recently because you have to click all the way through to the actual download to see that it's been updated.  I had been checking regularly but stopped every time I saw "9.6," thinking it hadn't been updated.


I don't know if it will help you, but there are vVol fixes in it that helped me.  Also, I just unregistered and trashed my VSC/VASA/SRA VM today and rebuilt it and everything is working better for me now.


You can verify version with About on the VSC Overview page.


For more information on the changes in 9.6P1, see this NetApp KB article:




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