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VSC SMVI 2.0 Does not remove esx snapshots

Has anyone had problems with SMVI were SMVI does not delete the snapshot from ESX and thus causes the VM's to say in a quiesced state.  I have a customer that has about 50 VM in this state and it has caused major problems with the performance of the VM's.



Re: VSC SMVI 2.0 Does not remove esx snapshots


I had something simular. In my case we did had uninstalled and installed SMVI again. Next morning we had trouble with the snapshots. There was a problem with renaming the snapshot to most recent because it already existed. Apparently the SMVI did not recognise the previous install had already made snapshots. Maybe this KB article from the Now website can help.

I must say, I was glad I had my engineer from the reseller at hand.

I hope this helps you.



Re: VSC SMVI 2.0 Does not remove esx snapshots

Could you please log a support case with all the logs as well for this. NGS can get to the root cause of the issue and help you get this fixed. We even have a script for orphaned snapshots  More information on the script is available here

But you should log a support case for this.