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Hi all,

Basically I am a student trying to build a career in storage technology, consequently I have purchase a SAN switch, 2 vmware servers and a NetApp Storage for my practice (All of them are seconf hand).

My question is when I am trying to download VSC any version of 64 bit to play with, I hve got the following meassege " 


Unauthorized Access

You have come to a page or module to which you do not have permission.

If you believe you have proper permissions and have reached this notification in error, please submit Feedback.

If you have an urgent technical issue related to a NetApp product, please contact NetApp's Global Support Cente



Does anybody could help me with a link on how I can get access to this piece of application. As it is for the learning purpose it can be sent directly to my dropbox if possible or I can download via a FTP link.


Your help is much appreciate.




Re: VSC download


Hi all, 

I would to clarify what I really need, is VSC plugin for vmware (64bit). How can I get this plugin as I do not have a service contract with NetApp as a student.




Re: VSC download


Hi Ben,


It is my understanding that you will need to have a valid support contract with NetApp to get the software.  You might try calling the NetApp support number to verify.  Hope that helps!



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