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VSC unable to create vvol


Looking for some advise on what i have to do to get VVol provisioning working.


Is fine with normal NFS volumes but as soon as i select vvol on the general tab I get an error.


Unable to establish session with VP server. Make sure VP service is up and running and try again.


Have rebooted the VSC appliance and tried registering, as far as i can tell everything is ok.


Any suggestion on what to do or try to fix this?




Re: VSC unable to create vvol


Re: VSC unable to create vvol


i'll check on monday if its a firewall issue on the actually esxi servers themselves, but i would of suspect a rule was created when the appliance was registered.


Rest of the articles definately not the case.


Thanks for suggestions thou

Re: VSC unable to create vvol


Hello, in order to deploy vvols using virtual storage console, vasa provider needs to be enabled. 

Please enable it and see if now you can deploy the vvols

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