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VSC woes on vCenter with other storage solutions


In my vSphere environment I have a few different clusters with several different storage solutions. One of these is a Cisco Hyperflex cluster, which is a HCI stack with Cisco's acquired Springpath storage. This creates issues for us when using VSC to provision datastores;


  1. When running the provisioning wizard it will fail at step 2, select storage system
  2. Reviewing the logs with support last year we identified that VSC cannot resolve the IP of a datastore UID
  3. The UID is connected to the Hyperflex datastore
  4. The workaround is adding an IP that resolves to the ID in /etc/hosts file

This is a workaround that lets us provision datastores, but I would like a more permanent solution to this bug. Does anyone have any idea on how we can go about this without manual entries in the hosts-file?