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VVOL Bindings - Now you see me, Now you don't!


What's the deal with vvol bindings and iSCSI? Is there a timeout for when the vvols will not show as bound during idle usage or something? I have run a bunch of tests and after power-ups, migrations, etc I can see the vvols bound in a "vvol listbind" listing, but after several minutes of doing nothing, the VM is still running I/O but a subsequent "vvol listbind" shows no bindings - why?


I was expecting to see them bound all the time or at least during periods of I/O, but that doesn't seem to be the case unless I am just not catching them. Was hoping someone could shed some light on the rhyme and reason for when it creates, removes, and performs the re-binds?





Just to add to this......also looking for some assistance on understanding how the vvols are gettin created as what looks to be new vvols during storage vmotions. I have done a few and when they are running, I see net-new vvols being created for what looks to be the delta-vmdks related to storage vmotions and then disappear...just want to validate if my thinking is correct on why these other vvols are being created and then removed automatically during storage vmotions. thanks!




Should I be opening cases to get these questions answered? I noticed there doesn't seem to be much response from NetApp engineering (not sure if they moderate this forum or not) and curious if it is because this forum is not being moderated or if the questions I ask are unknown to people?