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Virtualization.VMware.VDisk Error


I'm getting this error message on one of my OnCommand backups jobs:

vCenter Server: Failed to get results of the operation 'backup_73ac5453-3f1f-4fc7-887c-003e4538a2ec_2012-10-10_1225' from the Host Service 'vCenter Server'(16976). Error: Could not find node 50259dfa-c41a-8e1d-3fb0-ce58d39badd2:6000C292-1de1-0b06-4467-fe7746225081 of type Virtualization.VMware.VDisk in resource instances from host service 16976

I can't find the source of the issue. Can anyone help pls?

Thanks, Ty

Re: Virtualization.VMware.VDisk Error

Rediscovering the host service did the trick