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Vmware ,thin lun and thin volume with space_allocation enabled


hi to all


we configured thin provisoned volumes with thin luns, to vmware 6.7 environment.

The luns are used for veaam replicas, so daily there are so much changes going on those luns.

The vmware space recliamation works, but it is fairly slow i guess.

Our main problem is about alerting the LUN free space.???

we can monitor the volume ,from netapp and from Netapp AIQ, also we can monitor the vmwware datastoree from wmware  and vmware monitiroing software, but i couldnt  find a alerting mechanizm for the netapp LUN , 

neither in netapp ssytem manager ,or Netapp AIQ (installed locally on vmware)


Am i missing something, does anybody have an idea?




Hi Netapp_SR


thanks for answer, i do know grafana and aslo i had installeed Netapp active IQ locally on the customer site,but none of the tools help with "thin lun " monitoring .

WHat i mean with monitoring is, getting alert when the lun is approximately full, before it gets offline.

Since the volume and lun are thin provisioned, there are size differences everywhere, and the customer is confused with them.



Normally it is recommended to set the volume for auto grow and then monitor the aggregate free space. Would it meet your needs to put the LUN in a Qtree with a soft quota to receive alerts about volume size?

Thank you for the answer.

The system is in production now, and luns are attached to esxi hosts .

playing around with qtrees ,will it change any stuff .I am not sure of that 


The documentation states "The LUN move operation is nondisruptive; it can be performed when the LUN is online and serving data.". Be sure to review the documentation for your version of ONTAP before making any changes. Creating a small test volume is a safe way to prove the concept.


Moving LUNs





To monitor your systems and get alerts Grafana seems to be popular. Check it out and see if it meets your needs.



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