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What vCenter permisssions does SMVI need?


I'm setting up SMVI 2.0 to backup vCenter 4.0 U1 to a FAS2040 and I'd like to create a special role for the SMVI user in vCenter so that SMVI doesn't have full access. What permissions does SMVI need on the vCenter server?

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Re: What vCenter permisssions does SMVI need?


You would need the following permissions:

·         DATASTORE

o    Remove Datastore

o    Browse Datastore

o    Remove File

o    Rename Datastore

·         HOST

o    Configuration

-       Storage Partition Configuration

-       Advanced Settings

-       Change Settings


o    Interaction  

-       Power off

-       Power on

o    Configuration

-       Add Existing Disk

-       Add New Disk

-       Remove Disk

-       Add or Remove Device

-       Advanced

o    State

-       Create Snapshot

-       Remove Snapshot

-       Revert to snapshot



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Re: What vCenter permisssions does SMVI need?

Seems to be working well, thanks!

Re: What vCenter permisssions does SMVI need?

We do not use the SMVI for restores, only to take snapshots.  For us, we only had to give the SMVI user

Datastore \

  Browse Datastore

Virtual Machine \

  Configuration \

    Disk lease

  Provisioning \

    Allow read-only disk access

    Allow virtual machine download

  State \

    Create snapshot

    remove snapshot

This is the default VCB user permissions with the addition of the Browse Datastore permission, which SMVI requires.

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