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change LUN's initial geometry


i get the below error msg while expanding the LUN.. did any one change the initial lun geometry, if so how.

     New size exceeds this LUN's initial geometry

NAS01> lun show

        /vol/Vsphere_vol1/vsphere_lun1    500g (536870912000)  (r/w, online, mapped)

NAS01*> lun geometry /vol/Vsphere_vol1/vsphere_lun1

SCSI Disk Geometry:

             512 bytes/sector

            1024 sectors/track

              16 tracks/cylinder (heads)

           16384 sectors/cylinder

           64000 cylinders

      1048576000 sectors

         8388608 cylinder size (8 MB)

    536870912000 device size (512000 MB)

    549747425280 max resize size (524280 MB)

NAS01*> lun resize /vol/Vsphere_vol1/vsphere_lun1 +100g

lun resize: New size exceeds this LUN's initial geometry

lun resize: max size: 511g (549747425280)

thanks in advance



i dont want to destroy and recreate it. ***

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