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creating flexvols in the simulator


I just set up Simulate ONTAP  8.0 in a VMWare virtual machine and attempted to create some aggrs and volumes. I created two aggrs, one raid4 and one raid_dp, each with six disks. The aggr show_space command shows me the right amount of free space but when i try to create flexvols I get an error message 'not enough space in the given aggregate'. If I specify -s none (reserving no space for the volume) the volume is created. What am I missing here? Is this a simulator problem or have I missed something in the aggr create or vol create commands? I zeroed the disks before creating the aggrs.



Hi Peter,

Can you post the output of a "df -hA" and "df -h"?

Can you also post the exact vol create command you're running and its full output?



Hi Adam,

You have pointed me to the answer. when I did the df -hA command it showed the aggr total space as 4275Mb with 570Mb used and 3704Mb available. The virtual disks in the simulator are smaller than I expected and I misread the available space first time round, assuming I had 4.2Tb not 4.2Gb. I was trying to create a flexvol of 100Gb. I destroyed the two volumes in the aggr and successfully created new ones at 100mb each.

I did try 100Mb volumes when I first brought up the simulator but I think the disks had not zeroed correctly then so I started again. Anyway, I now have disks - thanks for taking the time to reply.



Hi Peter,

Not a problem. Glad you got it all sorted out =).

Good luck with the simulator. Let us know if you run into any other problems.


Adam S.

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