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creating vmware luns shows as solaris


when i create a lun in filerview for vmware, it keeps showing the lun protocol type as solaris. I did select it as vmware but it doesnt show it.

any idea?



Could you please provide the Ontap version you are running? Sounds like a bug .. aehm sorry, I mean feature


netApp Release 8.0.1P3 7-Mode:


I found out that if didnt create the lun with full capacity of the volume, eg

say the volume I create was 10GB

and I specify the lun to max it out in MB

then the lun protocol type will show as solaris

but if I createa  lun of say 5gb, then the lun protocol type will show as vmware. then i can resize it to the max and it will keep the protocol type at vmware.

would you be able to check if you are getting the same result?


I haven't seen behaviour like this before, yet as a rule of thumb your LUN should be always smaller than its container, i.e. a volume (unless you do 'unusual' thin provisioning when LUN theoretically could be even bigger than a volume)


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