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how to enable the IPv6 in 8.0.x simulator versions?



Question about IPv6 support in Simulators.

IPv6 is supported on ONTAP 8.0.x simulator versions.?

In some places, it is saying that is not supported. but in simulator configuration, i am able to configure it (but not works)..

So, from which version onwards is it supported and want to know how to do the setup in the supported version.





Hi., Yes it is supported..


IPv6 is not supported in 8.0.

I just tested IPv6 on freshly installed 8.1.1 sim under VMware Player 4.0.3 over host-only interface. Sim was minimally setup - just IPv6 enabled, no explicit address. So both sim and player were running with link local addreses. In this config I could ping sim IPv6 from host but attempt to login with PuTTY resulted in

simsim> No route to host

Thu Aug 23 22:28:20 MSK [simsim:openssh.invalid.channel.req:warning]: SSH client (SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Release_0.62) from fe80::e990:e9fa:34e9:b6c sent unsupported channel request (10, x11-req). 

No route to host

No route to host

I found following in Network Guide: FreeBSD user applications like NTP, ASUP, and NDMP cannotcommunicate with destinations that have IPv6 link- local addresses.

I was not sure whether it applied to SSH as well, but after explicitly setting site local address with the same prefix I was able to correctly login into sim with PuTTY using IPv6. Of course the problem could have been simply different prefix used by DOT and Windows for link local address, but I do not know how can I set prefix for either of them.


But In some docs (Troubleshooting guide found in SDK 5.0 version), it was mentioned IPv6 is supported from 7.3 version onward. It is not clear..

21. What is the minimum version of Data ONTAP that supports the IPv6 feature?

The IPv6 feature is supported from Data ONTAP 7.3.1 and later.

I was able to configure it in ONTAP 8.1 version and it worked.

Please refer the attached snapshot.




The obvious first question - is it supported by VMware product you are using?

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