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iSCSI scan issues in ESX3.5 with Netapp FAS2020


Our ESX3.5 scan iscsi devices and can't find any target.
vmkping is ok.
There is only a repeat error "May  7 00:46:58 ESX2 vmkiscsid[9656]: Connection to Discovery Address failed
" and no other information in esx3.5 /var/log/messages.
The iscsi target has been found successfully by esxi3.5.
Reboot have done but the problem still.
I have allow all incoming and outgoing traffic in esx3.5 firewall.
Any ideas? tks.



What is the configuration of your virtual switche(s) on the ESX 3.5 server?

Since you can vmkping, I assume you have a vmkernel port.  On the same virtual switch with the vmkernel port, you will need a service console port for iSCSI.  This is how the ESX box establishes communication with the NetApp filer.  If your vmkernel port is on a different virtual switch than your service concole (best practice), then you will need a second one.

Something like this (this is all from memory so it should be close):

First Virtual Switch:

Service Console Port with an IP address (for example

Second Vrtual Swtich:

VMKernel Port on iSCSI network (

Service Console #2 (

The second service console isn't needed for NFS on ESX 3.5, just iSCSI.  With vSphere, I have heard it isn't needed anymore but I haven't tested it.


As well, make sure that both the "storage" service console IP # and the "storage" vmkernel IP # can connect on a network level to the NetApp (the service console does the initial iSCSI session authentication/creation while all the storage traffic then goes over the vmkernel).