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question on datastore mapping to multiple LUNs


IHAC where we are using snapmirror to migrate few LUNs (VMFSdatastores) from SATA to FC disks. We are planning for the final cutover andhave the few questions that I wish to clarify :

High Level Plan :

1)Shutdown the application and power off all the VMs

2)Unmount/remove the existing VMFS datastores.

3)Unmap the old LUNs from storage and do a final snapmirrorupdate to replicate the changes and ensure snapmirror goes to a idle state

4)Change the LUN serial number of the new LUNs to match theserial of the old LUNs

5)Map the LUNs at the same LUN id to the ESX hosts as theearlier LUN id’s

6)Rescan all HBA’s on the ESX host and see if the datastorecomes online.

Question :

Customer has one datastore to multiple LUN mapping as belowas they added another LUN to expand the datastore earlier :

Datastore name   lun                                       mappedto / lun id / protocol

FTPHdd        /vol/Luns/FTPhdd                         sps1                   3       FCP

VMMESX       /vol/Luns/VMMESX                       sps1                   8       FCP

                        /vol/Luns/VMMESX1                     sps1                   9       FCP

VMHDD        /vol/Luns/Vmhdd                           sps1                   1       FCP

VmStore      /vol/Luns/Vmstore                       sps1                   2       FCP

Templates   /vol/SataVol/Template              sps1                   7       FCP

VMHDD1     /vol/SataVol/Vmhdd1                 sps1                   4       FCP

                       /vol/SataVol/Vmhdd1add          sps1                  10       FCP

1)When we map the new LUNs on the same ESX host, how do weensure that the datastore to LUN mapping remains as it is in the currentscenario as above.?

2)Do we need to manually add the datastores as per theproecedure http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsphere4/r40/vsp_40_san_cfg.pdf(page 74)?If yes how do we ensure the mapping of one datastore to 2 LUNs?

Environmentdetails :

VMware ESX,4.0.0,208167

ONTAP 7.3.2 on FAS3140

Protocol : FCP

Anypointers will be much appreciated.





I am also looking answer of this question..


Old question and glad it came back up since most are on 8.0 now and this one wasn't answered... if you are on ONTAP 8.0 or higher, then the "vol move" command can be used (data motion for volumes).  Vol Move in 7-mode is only supported for SAN volumes (nothing with an nfs export or cifs share)...but a good use case to move from sata to fc without the hosts knowing.  Also, Storage vMotion is another option but would take more time and use the host with some overhead...but maybe a better option for someone on ONTAP 7.3