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roles and responsibilities



this is my first post.

I need opinions from folks in this group about a situation we have at work.

our DBA have been controlling NetApp and in not willing to provide admin access to syadmin ( me ) because he thinks DBA should be controlling SAN.

I have been working for 9 years and never seen and heard of DBA controlling SAN.

is there anyone in this group who is also DBA and SAN admin ?

do you have any DBA in your team who is also SAN admin or have access to SAN ?




Re: roles and responsibilities


Hi, in answer to you question everywhere i worked its the opposite.. i.e. the System Admin has root/admin access to the SAN only and a DBA has restricted/limited access.

The SAN can contain much more than just DB applications/data, so normally the sysadmin controls this.


Re: roles and responsibilities


thank you 

Re: roles and responsibilities


I am with Martin.  DBA on my SAN. NEVER! 

It is a question of skill sets and understanding the technology.  If the DBA knows about SAN, why not not share the load but if the DBA 'tunes' the SAN for SQL and the exchange / vmware systems die through lack of filer resourse who get the blame?  If it is the DBA, don't worry but if it is you, then it is password changing and RBAC for snapdrive time.

Hope this helps


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