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smvi, unable to rename snapshot error---Fix??


Recently,For one of the datastore, smvi backup is getting failed...Even though i am trying to change the last snapshot with  _recent.I was getting the same error..

Any suggestion is appreciated...


Re: smvi, unable to rename snapshot error---Fix??


Correct failed backups due to the following error:

     ERROR - Failed to rename snapshot smvi_all_datastores_20130107131002 to smvi_all_datastores_20130107131002 on volume netapp1.example.com:/vol/esx_ds01


1.) Stop SMVI Service

2.) Manually rename the _recent snapshots to have their original datetime stamp for all volumes included in the smvi backup job. (i.e. smvi_all_datastores_recent => smvi_all_datastores_20130107131002)


3.) Edit file C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\repository\backups so that <originalName> and <name> are the same (remove 'recent') for all instances of that snapshot name.












4.) Start SMVI Service

5.) Run Backup Job and Verify

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