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snapdrive and igroups


I have a question on snapdrive and igroups.  We  use vmware as well.  We have one vmware guest, and want to map it to some RDM's.   So i installed snapdrive on the VM guest which is windows, and setup LUNs through snapdrive, which are now connected and setup on the VM guest.   The issue is that when using igroups, i only see the WWPN of one of the  esx hosts in the lun mapping on the filer.  We have 3 other esx hosts in our cluster, and i cannot migrate this VM guest from its original esx host to the 3 other hosts, as the 3 other hosts dont have the mapping to this LUN.   So how can I add these 3 esx hosts to the lun mapping.  I thinks its through igroups, so do i use the manage igroups wizard in the snapdrive.   I am concerned about losing the existing lun mapping settings, as the vm guest is a critical VM guest.



The other ESX hosts need to be added to the igroup... SnapDrive should be able to do this or you can igroup add (without interruption to the existing esx entry) the other esx servers.