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srm Error: Opperation timed out.


Hi everyone,

We've just implemented SRM 4.0 with our NetApp vmware business partner but we've struck an issue that's proving tough to resolve.  When we test the recovery plan everything is good until we hit the Recovery No Power On Virtual Machines group.  The next thing that happens is SRM appears to prepare the vms correctly but then it produces and error Error: Operation timed out and the test fails.  The strange thing is this error occurs on different VM's each test run.  I've also changed the Recovery.calloutCommadnLineTimeout from 300 seconds to 600 seconds on the advice from vmware but the test still fails even after making this change.

Has anyone experienced this issue and if so can you please share how you got past this error to produce an error free SRM test.




Re: srm Error: Opperation timed out.


Hi John,

could you please provide the SRM logs?

collect these as mentioned in Mike Laverick's book on page 310 (http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/2010/03/22/new-administrating-vmware-site-recovery-manager-4-0/)

Did last week an installation with NetApp and SRM 4.0 without problems.


Re: srm Error: Opperation timed out.

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