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vCenter 5.1 support?


Hi All,

With vCenter 5.1 having been released last month, does anyone have any experience (good or bad) with it in a NetApp environment?  We're currently running 5.0 Update 1, VSC 2.1.1, ONTAP 8.0.2 7-Mode and looking to upgrade vCenter in the next few weeks.

Does anyone have any visibility into when it will appear in the IMT?





Hey Craig,

Which protocols are you guys using? Any NFS?

Looking at the IMT, it seems FC and iSCSI are supported for 5.1, but no NFS.

I'm sure this will change very soon, the new VSC is in a public beta, and i'm sure new support will be added with its release.

I would also try and get your Data ONTAP upgraded to at least 8.0.3 which is the latest stable release of 8.0.x, and 8.1.1 being the latest stable 8.1.x release. 


Yes, we're using NFS datastores, plus VMFS via FC for the RDM mappings.  Our vmware guy here is itching to upgrade to vcenter 5.1, so would be great if anyone has any target release dates for these.

Yeah, we're wanting to upgrade ONTAP to version 8.1.2 which apparently includes a fix for CSB-1208-02.  Also have some compatibility issues with SnapDrive for Unix & Windows, and some snapmanagers which need resolving before we can go to 8.1.x according to IMT.  We're hoping to avoid having to go to 8.0.3 then 8.1.2 a short time later...unless there's a strong case otherwise.



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