vSRM1.0.1 with NFS or ISCSI

I had a discussion last week along with VMware and Netapp representative. NetApp told me that there are some patch which will make SRM1.0.1 to support NFS.

My current customer is very much interested to go NFS route since someone from NetApp told him that you can have privilege of Data Deduplication.

I know that SRM V4 does support NFS but current VMware environment has not yet reached there yet.

Can someone share their experience implementing SRM with NFS?

What all advantage and disadvantage we will have if we implement SRM over NFS?

Which one is better NFS or ISCSI to implement SRM and why ?

This will help us to convince my current client with SRM. Network link is the major issue because of which my customer has chosen NFS as a mean for SRM but I really don’t have much insight how. I read TR-3671 but it never talk about NFS/ISCSI . I am currently running POC  for the same.

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I'd go back to your original source -- there's nothing publicly available for SRM and NFS right now...will only be publicly available in the next SRM release (which will support both NFS and vSphere 4).

If you have to do something right now, I'd do iSCSI. I do definitely prefer NFS overall but you will need to wait a bit for the SRM implementation.

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Thaks for you reponse.

So why would you prefer to have NFS rather ISCSI? What all advantage you can think of  which I wont get with ISCSI?

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Look at this:



[sorry Andy - yes, I am doing this again! But this is a good post (& thread), so no point to reinvent the wheel! ]

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He he....I might just agree with that post.

Right now at least the only advantage I see with iSCSI is that in vSphere 4 iSCSI can more easily exceed a single GigE link without workarounds. On balance I prefer NFS but that is the one thing out there for me right now.