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vmware volume and lun size

when i create volumes in an aggregate for vmware, should i set the volume the same size as the lun? or should i create multiple luns per volume?


Re: vmware volume and lun size

The volume will need to be bigger than the LUN if you intend to take snapshots, see my answer to your other post.

With regard to housing multiple LUNs in a single volume; it depends on if the snapshot requirements for each LUN are the same, if not then they will need to be in separate volumes. Make sure and place each LUN in it's own qtree, however there are more things you may want to take into account. I suggest having a read through the Best Practices in the Tech Library: http://www.netapp.com/us/library/

Re: vmware volume and lun size

but when i create luns, I dont use qtrees. I just create my volume and luns from the volume

Re: vmware volume and lun size

That's up to you but it's good practice to put each LUN in it's own qtree rather than have a bunch of LUNs at the root of the volume. It also makes things easier if you decide to use QSM or SnapVault.

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