vsc 4.0 no VMs showing for LUN datastores

My problem is that I can't see my VMs on the LUN datastores.

-VSC 4.0

-ESX 4.1


     Overview, controller is display (selected update many times)

      SAN details display LUN data store

      NAS details show all datastores

      Tools, MBR tools downloaded and verified. (ssh into esx, verified installation)

      Discovery status, everything there

Optimization and migration. Nothing appeas. all selections display "No VMs"

Re: vsc 4.0 no VMs showing for LUN datastores

Not sure but I would recommend 1st checking the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) to make sure you do not have an unsupported config.  - Host utilities kick, DoT versions, drivers, etc. 

Also as it sounds like a new install, have you tried re-installing VSC and confirming the logs, don't have any install issues.  "Windows 2008 - Did you right click to install as administrator?"  I would also look into the permissions that the accounts which the VSC windows services are running under.  Are they OK for both vSphere and NetApp admin?

Hope it helps