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vsphere6 support for vvol

 Does 8.2.1 7-mode supports vvols for vsphere6?


this is a 8020




Re: vsphere6 support for vvol


ONTAP 8.3 supports vVols so you need to upgrade there.

Re: vsphere6 support for vvol

The only offical requirements I have seen from NetApp are as follows:

  • VSC 5.0.1 Beta
  • VASA Provider 6.0 for clustered Data ONTAP Beta
  • clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.1


However, the beta software no longer works with VVOL.

VSC and VSAP VP 6.0 will be released 'very soon' and will provide full support from what I understand. 

Re: vsphere6 support for vvol

think it is only supported in cdot from the documentation i can find, no reference to supporting 7 mode unfortunately.

Re: vsphere6 support for vvol

I like this idea of very soon.  Hope its true!

Re: vsphere6 support for vvol

IS this true that vvol is not supported on 7 mode anymore? We are running on 7 mode only and will not be upgrading to cluster mode. 


what options available?

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