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Hi  All!  I  need a help with mini-usb serial console cable.    I have Netapp  e 2712 with 6600series disk shelf.  Do you know what serial cable i shu more
So in ontap 7 I could query the global status amongst other things using this OID. # snmpwalk -v1 -c public  . SN more
Hello Dear NetApp Community,   We have several NetApp products and I stuck in a FAS8040 disk busy issue. Here is the thing,   On our NetApp 2240 Produ more
Hi All,   First time posting so bear with me, I have a FAS2620 and have created a CIFS vserver ( call it data2) and it has been initializing all weeke more
Hello to all in the hope anybody can help me with my first steps. :-) The Hardware ist a fas 2220 with ontap 8.1 with no additional shelves.The FAS ha more
Hi,   Not really sure where to put this question. But first try in General.   I now have a Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V environment and have had this p more
Hi, I'm looking for the mysql plug-in for Snapcenter but can't find it. I have located other plug-ins like Sybase, DB2 etc but mysql appears to be rem more
I have a netapp e2700 and an e2600.  I would like to conect them together.  The e2700 has a sas sff-8644 and the e2600 which has a sas sff-8088.  Can more
Are there any local events in Arizona for 2019 with hands on labs?
Hey,Just bought A700,I have total of 48 disks ssd. What is the best way to use it?Its configure with 12 disks adpv2 and 36 no-paeriotioned. Do i need more