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ONTAP 9.6 adds support for an expansive RESTful API.

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After doing a bit more research it turns out that on a system with Advanced Disk Partition we can not use the container-type as indication for a spare more
Does anybody know how to get the list of available spare disks? On the CLI it's easy:     sim96cluster::> storage aggregate show-spare-disks more
How do I get these two values trough the new REST API?   files-total: Total user-visible file (inode) count, i.e., maximum number of user-visible file more
Using the ZAPI I can get a really large number of performance objects and its counters. E.g. on a ONTAP 9.6 simulator 574 performance-objects from acc more
Are there any performance counters at the vserver level for "NFS" or "Total_Ops". I see SMB*:Vserver from the perf-object-list-info but nothing for NF more
We have an app that is using the OnTap REST api to create snapshots of specific volumes.   We would like to create a service account that ONLY has the more
When installing the netapp-ontap package via pip, it shows a dependency of marshmallow<=3.0.0rc7,>=3.0.0rc5. These version of marshmallow are vulnerab more
Download ONTAP 9.6 REST API Python Client Library from and access Python Client Library Documentation from the NetApp support site. The Pytho more
Hi, I am loking for REST API to mount the existing volume at junction point
 Several API calls are missing from the OnTAP REST interface. Many or all of these are present in the NMSDK interface. The missing commands correspond more
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