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ONTAP 9.6 adds support for an expansive RESTful API.

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Hello,   Is there a way to set "hard_limit" for specific user using Rest API? Actually I only need an example of get/post HTTP Request for setting/upd more
Hello all!   I'm not Storage Admin, but I've been requested to write some Web Page or something similar to show Storage Quota for each user. In our co more
Hi guys   I have made a REST API user with the permissions for reading volumes and svms (via security login rest-role on an ONTAP 9.6 system). The com more
Hi One teamIs it possible to create a CIFS workgroup mode using REST-API?I am inquiring because it is not in the document list.Thank you.
Hi all. I'm struggling with a problem using the restapi storage/volumes, it doesn't retrieve all volume information! I'm missing 1 volume flexgroup vo more
I have an export-policy with as 8179334014 and would like to retrieve all the rules information under this export-policy and I can do this i more
I am looking to retrieve write,read and others IOPs at node level using NetApp Storage REST APIs , Usually we get IOPs info on Oncommand unified manag more
Is it possible to to get size output from /storage/volumes in KB/MB/GB? Or is it only in bytes.  I saw the following but this seems to apply only for more
The ontap simulator link: shows an empty white page. Is there a new simulat more
Hi All,   I'm using ONTAP  9.6p6  version and trying to GET the snapmirror relationships from the target array and/or source array too but from both I more
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