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All, we recently upgraded our NABox OVA to beta version 5.2b and suddenly data collection stopped working. After some analysis we came to know that th more
Hey NetApp Gurus! There has been a recent drive to automate processes within my company and I have built a few self-service type tools for our users w more
We are happy to announce that Harvest 1.4.1 is released!   You can download the new release from ToolChest. Main updates are: - Harvest will accept ol more
Click Here to post your questions   Ask the Experts Session – OnCommand  Grab the opportunity to learn from our Experts and bridge your Knowledge gap. more
Does anyone know effective way to surpress all alerts from list of NAS cluster that scheduled maintenance, e.g. ONTAP upgrade? UM 7.3, 9.4, even with more
In this video we can see the deploy of Graphite-VA OVA.  Anyone knows where to find  the download link?
grateful, if anyone can share how to customize dashboard, e.g. using splunk, icinga/ 3rd party solutions / integrate API with NAS to create similar Da more
Hi, we have some 8.3.x cDOT clusters added in OCUM, all working fine. But clusters with version 9 (GA) can't be added.We get this error:Cluster add fa more
anyone has alternative solution to disabling the polling of OPM which integrated since UM7.3? it can be challenging environment w cluster/nodes above more
need advise on how to implement this solution, rather than relying having to create local a/c in nas used for adding it to UM for datasource acquisiti more