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Hi all,   Most of our CIFS volumes have their namespace under vol, a leftover from our 7-mode days. Recently, we have simply allowed Ontap to create t more
Looking for the property values for 'Thin Provisioned' and 'Style' under the cmdlet Get-NcVol, that are displayed in the GUI/WEB under Volumes.  Below more
Running Ontap 9.5 on FAS systems.   Netapp PS Toolkit 9.6.0   Using AD credentials, I am unable to invoke-ncssh.   However, if I use the netapp admin more
I used to use "Set-NcSnapmirror -MaxTransferRate" in 8.1, but it now appears to be broken in 9.5.   Does anyone know of a fix other than to use the in more
I am trying to find the equivalent sdk call for doing following steps,  vfiler run $hostname exportfs -av  vfiler run $hostname  exportfs -f    /vol/c more
Hello,   We are manually running commands to enable storage efficiency on volumes.   > volume efficiency on -vserver <vserver> -volume <volume> > v more
My Netapp filers are running 9.1p5, python version is 3.7.3 and NMSDK version is 9.4. When i run the following python script, it gives me the error an more
Hi, I am using below ONTAP API's and DLL to manage a cifs share & quota management using tool. DLL: - ONTAP 9.1 (From NetApp Manageability S more
I tried to check the snap mirror status by referring to the SDK guide.The sdk version has been tested in version 5.4 / 9.6.Do I need to do anything el more
Hello,   We have a quote a few NAS SVMs running accross 2 cDot Clusters that run Ontap 9.4P3, when attempting to use quota-set-entry through the API w more