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7-Mode harvest configs getting erased


I have installed the Grafana OVA for a customer.  The customer wants to collect data from both 7-Mode and C-Mode clusters.  In order to keep the 7-Mode data in the 'perf7' graphite category (instead of in 'perf'), I added the following lines to the hosts's section in /opt/harvest/netapp-harvest.conf for each 7-Mode host:


graphite_root = Harvest.perf7.{site}.{display_name}
graphite_meta_metrics_root = Harvest.poller.perf7.{site}.{display_name}


This seems to be working fine with the dashboards, and my 7-Mode dashboards work with 7-Mode host data.


The problem I am having is that when I add a new harvest host via the menu, and when the Grafana VM reboots, these lines get wiped out of the netapp-harvest.conf file.  Harvest starts putting the 7-Mode data in the 'perf' category along with the CDOT data, and this causes the 7-Mode dashboards to stop displaying data.


Should I be doing something differently for 7-Mode systems?  Or is this a problem with how Harvest treats its config file?







You can refer NetApp Harvest Installation and Administration Guide 1.2.2



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Harvest will build the metrics path itself after it discovers the system is 7-mode or cDOT.  So the perf or perf7 selection in that path is automatic by Harvest.  I would strongly suggest just leaving the defaults for these, especially because all the default dashboards require it to be so.  Only for existing customers or companies with a shared Graphite instance and forced hierarchy might I deviate.  Also, Harvest only reads the conf file, it never writes to it.


The OVA is a package of Harvest + Graphite + Grafana + menu to manage it all.  It assumes you will manage the system via the menu exclusively and if you manage outside the behavior is undefined.  I believe the OVA keeps some settings in a different file and the re-writes the netapp-harvest.conf file anytime changes are made and is why you saw your manual edits overwritten. @yannb (maintainer of the OVA) can comment more if you have follow on questions.


My advice would be to use the latest OVA (x64) and the menu to manage.


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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If you change the original file without renaming it, you should be able to use your own modifications.


I'm sorry for the (very) late answer, but I don't check my communities profile very often!