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Account used by OpsMgr to run upload custom scripts


I need to know what account is Operations Manager using to run the custom scripts that are upload into the Ops Mgr. 

Right now I have one custom Perl script exporting a custom dfm report to a network shared folder that has Everyone with Full Control.  The script works great from the dfm server and after it is upload into Ops Mgr.

I have another Ops Mgr environment on another network, with the same setup except that the network shared folder does not have Everyone with Full Control assigned to it.  The script works from the dfm server but after I upload it into Ops Mgr it does not work.

I receive an access denied error in the output.

I cannot identify what account Ops Mgr is using to run the scripts that are upload.

Any help would be great

Daron Henson

NetApp PSE



Hey Abhishek,

The useraccount that I used to upload the script into OpsMgr has all the permissions in DFM and on the shared network location but still I receive access denied when the script is ran in Ops Mgr.  When I run the Perl script that I upload to Ops Mgr from the DFM Server's desktop it works/writes fine. 

Aby more suggestions.....

Thanks for the help,

Daron Henson



By default DFM services run as "Local System" on Windows.

If you script requires access to any CIFS share, then you need to change the logon of

DFM Scheduler server, which triggers the script to run as a user who has rights on the CIFS share.

You may use the command "dfm service runas " to change the logon of DFM services.




Hello daron,

         The script is run with username one used to login to the dfm server while uploading it in the DFM.

Running the script also needs permissions from dfm based on role. See if the username has the required permissions.

dfm user role list <user_name>

I hope this helps.

warm regards,


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