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Active IQ OneCollect SSO not working


Two issues:
I am trying to upload an autosupport using Active IQ OneCollect v1.9. My SSO fails validation.
When trying to enter credentials under 'Credential Management' I input my information and submit but I get an error 'You should select at least one profile.' But there is no profile selection box.



The credential manager is used to manage ontap/host/switch credentials. SSO should be entered directly on SSO login dialog when prompted.

There was a login issue two weeks back and it is resolved now.


Never used this  application, but  check this guide, it covers some info around 'SSO,page35' and 'profile,page8':


There is a 'skip' options for credential, does it work ?



Thanks for the response. Yes, it fails to upload if you do not enter credentials by skipping too. I read through the manual and am thinking the token needed would be assigned from Netapp support in order to upload and review the information. This is less than helpful if you simply want to upload and review your data and the recommendations of it from the tool (like ConfigAdvisor or UpgradeAdvisor). So, this tool isn't useful unless you want Netapp Support engaged with each upload or you otherwise have a valid 30-day token?

The token is required only for host performance collection for the Fusion tool. Perfarchive collection doesn't ask for SSO. For any other ASUP uploads user shall provide valid SSO credentials.


Oh WOW !!!   - my friend - i think we have the same issue - see my topic here ...

- also it stopped like 3 weeks ago - but i have been using this tool / app almost daily for 2 years

- its basically dead in the water now

- anyone else out there have this issue?

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