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After 6.4.1 upgrade



I recently upgraded my OCI environment to 6.4.1-297.

So far I observed two issues after the upgrade:

1. 50-60% of the NPV data sources are failing with below message. Earlier these data sources are working fine. Is there anything that has been changed in this version w.r.t. NPV devices discovery?

     Found 6 nodes logged into NPV switch port fc1/6 (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx). This configuration is unsupported.

2. In DWH reporting, default report and dashboard folders under capacity->storage capacity are missing. Customer Reports and customer dashboards are restored and so do other packages during restore except those mentioned.

Anyone on same platform faced anything like this.



Hey Sunil,

#1 - Can you explain what technologies are in play here? What is plugged into fc1/6? A physical host using NPIV to have multiple logins? Another NPV mode device?

#2 - Not sure why this would happen. Let me ping someone internally for some ideas


Hi Sunil,

Can you tell me what version was this upgraded from (6.3.0, 6.3.1, 6.4.0)


Hi Sunil,

Regarding question #2, there are a couple of reasons why this behavior would occur and much of them depending on the version of OnCommand Insight you upgraded from. 

In your statement " In DWH reporting, default report and dashboard folders under capacity->storage capacity are missing"  I assume you are missing modified or custom reports that were saved in the default reports and dashboards folders. 

I will try to provide you a summary of what is backed up depending on OCI version.

  • If the upgrade was performed on OnCommand Insight version 6.3.1 or 6.3.2 then that would be an expected behavior.
  • In 6.3.1 and 6.3.2,  the folders that are captured as part of the backup process are the "Customer Reports" and "Customer Dashboard" folders ONLY.
  • As of 6.4.0 >, All "out of the Box (OOO)" folders including;  My Folders, Reports, Dashboards, Customer Reports and Customer Dashboards are captured in the Cognos backup process. 
  • If any of the default reports (e.g OOO canned reports) are modified, they should be saved as a different report name and to a different location rather than overwriting/replacing the default reports that ships with the product. The modified report will be replaced with the factory default reports during the upgrade.

There is a best practice recommendation of backing up not only any modified reports but also making backups of the file  located at C:\Program Files\SANscreen\cognos\c10_64\deployment\

See the following document link on saving a modified report.

lastly, If the end user has a copy of the file and depending on the version of OCI that was upgraded, there may be a chance the "lost' reports are still available in the file and that zip file can be restored to a different OCI client and saved.  ** The DailyBackup are overwritten every day.

I hope the above mentioned was helpful.

Don Bourque

OCI Strategy and Architecture


Hi Don,

I upgraded from 6.4.0.

I am not talking about modified or custom reports in default folder, it is about folder itself. Both default report and dashboard folders are missing.


Hi Sunil,

Thank you for your reply.

I have not heard of any recent circumstances that caused this behavior however there are a number of compatibility situations that might cause this. I have a few more questions for you;

  • What browser and version are you using to view the DWH?  Please do not use Chrome. Use IE or Firefox.
  • Did you verify that all your licenses are still valid?
  • Screen captures would be helpful to me better understand the situation.

Best Regards,



Hi Don,

I am using IE 8.0.7601.

Yes, all licenses are valid.

Attaching 2 screenshots from DWH.

    SC = Storage Capacity which doesn't show default folders

    SSPC = Storage and Storage Pool Capacity which shows all folders

I have used browser session and same tab to capture that.


Hi Matt,

I think I got answer for my first query in release notes of OCI 6.4.1.

Switch port zoning for NPV devices

OnCommand Insight does not support switch port zoning when directly collecting an NPV device where multiple nodes are logged into the same NPV switch port. Previously, this configuration appeared to be successfully importing data when it was, in fact, failing silently by dropping the connected nodes. Now this configuration is clearly not supported and explicitly fails to import data. Indirect acquisition should show correct connectivity. 

Don't know why this feature is unsupported now when it was supported earlier.