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After OCUM 6.0 to 6.1 upgrade, should Data Source be deleted/added?


I just noticed that in WFA 2.2 there are different data sources for OCUM 6.0 and OCUM 6.1. I upgraded my lab to OCUM 6.1 a few months ago but never changed anything in WFA. So my WFA Data Source for cDOT is still the OCUM 6.0 data source type. Does the OCUM 6.1 Data Source type gather more information than the 6.1 data source? Should deleting the 6.0 and adding the 6.1 data source be a standard part of an OCUM 6.0->6.2 upgrade?



Hi korns,

There is slight difference in the cache queries of 6.0 and 6.1. It is advised to change the data source type to 6.1.




Configuring a DS for UM 6.1 is done from the UM 6.1 UI (Administration -> Setup Options -> Add-ons - Workflow Automation).  Completing the pieces on this page (Create Database User in UM 6.1 is required) will allow WFA 2.2 to cache data from this UM 6.1 instance.  The two DS entries in WFA are different.


Thanks all. You cannot change an existing data source type so I ended up using WFA to delete my OCUM 6.0 DS and adding back with a OCUM 6.1 type DS.