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Aggr Scrub Status Monitoring



Is there a mechanism to report on when the last completed raid scrub was completed on an aggregate?

Within ONTAP 7-mode I can run the following:

rlawson-vsim2> aggr scrub status -v

aggr scrub: status of /aggr0/plex0/rg0 :

        Scrub is not active.

        Last full scrub completed: Tue Feb 22 08:43:41 PST 2011

Is there a way to report on this through Ops Mgr 4.x or UM 5.x?

Are there any alerting mechanisms that could tell me when a scrub has completed?


Re: Aggr Scrub Status Monitoring


Hi Christop,

     Unfortunately this is not possible in the current OCUM 5.x. But its possible to write a simple script plugin to report and monitor on the same.

BTW why do you want to monitor the same ? What do you plan to do based on this event ? I am trying to understand why and what you are trying to accomplish. Given the fact that aggr scrubbing is an internal ONTAP process.



Re: Aggr Scrub Status Monitoring



This isn't an exact way to determine when it finished, but using Performance Advisor is a great way to visually see when a raid scrub started and finished.  By examining the aggregate (under physical objects for a given controller) and looking at the "Aggregate Summary View", set the time range so that the appropriate day is shown on the chart.  You can always tell when a RAID scrub is occuring by the large spike in aggregate transfers that sustain for the entire length of time the RAID scrubs runs.  Its followed by a sudden plunge in aggregate transfers once the RAID scrub stops. 

Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to create a performance threshold that tells you when the RAID scrub starts & finishes, as Performance Advisor has no way of knowing what is causing the aggregate transfers. It just tracks the number of transfers.

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