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Alerting capabilities


Hi Folks.

We are discussing OCI feeding some higher level alert/monitoring tools, and I am trying to understand its capabilities - exactly what alerts can be sent (SNMP traps, Syslog messages, SMTP).

For example, it’s clear that you can set Global Policies and then set the 'Violation Severity' associated with the Global Policies. Then, you can set the violation notification based on those severity levels (SNMP, syslog, SMTP).

Is it possible to also receive notifications for FC/iSCSI Global Path, and Switch/VM Thresholds? If so, what about severity levels for these? Looking at the MIB file, these appear to be in there, but I dont see any explanation of this in the docs...



Re: Alerting capabilities


Hey Steve,

Sorry for the delay in response - I think something bad happened during the last Communities update as I haven't been receiving email notifications of posts here.

The SAN path violations will all be sent if SNMP forwarding is enabled. We don't have any configuration on the OCI-side to manipulate their severity levels, so most folks do some filtering / incident creation management on their SNMP management station that receives them. I do know of some people that use net-snmp as a preprocessor / re-forwarder to other management stations.

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Re: Alerting capabilities


Thanks ostiguy. Good info on net-snmp - that's just what I was looking for.

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