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Automated OnCommand 5 setup for WFA


Hey guys,

I have a OC5 built on a Linux platform, where the installation directory of OC5 is under default location /opt/NTAPDfm, but the database is on a NetApp LUN, not in the default location, i.e.: /opt/NTAPdfm. This for the purposes of backup of OC5 database backups using snapshots, that is fully integrated. Now, from an OC5 perspective, everything is fine and no issues. The problem i am stuck with is the execution of script/tool which creates a "WFA" user in OC5 DFM database, and this fails without logging any information, and kills my SSH session as well.

I am following the exact steps as part of Appendix D in WFA Install & admin guide, but no luck.

In addition, I have tried executing the script to both /opt/NTAPdfm and also against the mount point, where the actual OC5 DFM database is located, but fails and kills my SSH session.

Now, I am assuming that either the script "" script doesn't handle well where the actual installer is in a different location than the OC5 DFM database, as it may be looking for java binaries?

has anyone seen this?



NetApp Alumni

hi bb

iirc the script just runs a bunch of dfm commands to set up a new user, but expectes to run from a particular directory (can't rememebr which)

if your environment is inside netapp, send me the connection details & i'll have a look for you.


That’s correct. I try to do an old way, by creating a user in DFM db, and given access to the db tables, but WFA doesn’t like it. Anyways, the directory that it usually looks for is the java/bin directory under the install, and assumes that the DB is in the same location tree, and I believe this is hard coded in the script itself. Which I cannot change as its an executable…. Anyways, I couldn’t be bother for a time being, but I re-installed OC5 with DB & binaries in one location for testing purpose and this is working OK.

Hopefully, there is a reasonably good & simple update to this scripts provided, if not, in some customers this could be a problem where the DB is stored in a different location.

Cheers, b


Hi Balbeer,

Your points are absolutely correct. WFA script looks at $1st_parameter/java/bin. I will send you a workaround to handle this. Please check your email.