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Balance - perceived disk utilization displays no data available


I'm using Balance v4.1.1.1 and I'm looking at my various servers and am finding that the Storage statistic called "Perceived disk utilization (%)" displays "No data available" for all servers -- both physical and virtual.

It doesn't matter if I'm looking at the server's "Summary" or "Storage" tabs -- both areas display "No data available".

This is weird because according to the v4.0.0.2 Release Notes (

it says, "Improved Server Summaries: The Server Summary pages now provide an enhanced summary of overall server performance, including a new chart that summarizes perceived disk utilization for the server.The pages feature the Performance Index as a main focus."

I don't see an area to enable/disable this field. Any help/411 would be great. thanks...



Peter, seeing the lack of response here it might be best to open a case. 

Sorry I can't offer a good fix. 


James -- you beat me to it -- but yesterday I upgraded Balance from to to see if any of those bug fixes would do the trick.

I let it run overnight, checked it this morning and was just about to update this forum entry. Still an issue.

I guess I will open a technical support ticket to see what the issue is.



Peter - Was support able to help you? I am having the same problem and was about to open a case.


Jason -- I did indeed open a support case with NetApp. They've had be upload screenshots and diagnostics logs. This was only a few days ago though. I'll be sure to post any results in the forums though.

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