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OCUM 5.2 7-mode question - how to create custom report with event ID


We are looking to create custom event report with event ID and we want to script acknowledging a set of event IDs.  However, all the reports I can create I am allowed to pick event description and other event details; when I select event ID as a field in the table; it ends up showing event description. I had filed a case with NetApp Support and support told me that this will require a customization and they can't help me as its not directly possible.

It's a hard pill to swallow that we can't generate a report in OCUM 5.2 with Event ID, Event Description, Type, Status, Priority.  If there is a command line way to generate this; can some one here help me with it?

Right now I am concerned only with 7-mode OCUM 5.2; we get close to 1000 events each day (due to vscan - ugh) and we want to get efficient in acknowledging them.




Re: OCUM 5.2 7-mode question - how to create custom report with event ID


Hi AB,

     You can associate a script to run when an alert is triggered. So instead of trying to create a report and take an action, I suggest you create alert to the custom events that you have created and associate the script to process things like, acknowledging etc.

Note you can create an alert with just an alert script and no email or trap server id is required.



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