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Break VSM command


Hey Everyone,

I'm fairly new to WFA, and I'm just now working on building my first workflow.  This workflow will resize volumes that are in snapmirror relationships.  So basically what it should do is run through the following commands:

Break VSM

Resize Volume (for both source and destination volumes)

Resync VSM (I had to build this command myself since the only one close to this is the Update VSM command, and I want to do a resync)

My question is this...  When I was looking at the code for the Break VSM command, it includes Remove-NaSnapMirrorSchedule.  I'm not super familiar w/ this command, but I did look it up and see that it actually deletes the snapmirror schedule.  I'm fairly certain that I don't want to do that.

Can someone tell me if I'm reading that correctly?  Because I don't want to have to re-set up the snapmirror schedule after I run the Break VSM command, and if that's what it does then I may need to build another command that is similar but just leaves that part off.

Any help here is greatly appreciated.



Re: Break VSM command



That is correct. The Beak VSM command is going to remove the SnapMirror Schedule. This is as per design.

From the description of the command:

'Terminates a VSM relationship – Quiesces the target volume, breaks the relationship and removes the schedule from the destination which releases the relationship from the source volume.'

As per your requiremetn, you will need to:

1. Clone the command 'Break VSM'

2. Remove the following lines of code from the command:

       Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Remove VSM schedule")

        Remove-NaSnapMirrorSchedule -Destination ($snapmirror.Destination)

        # connect to controller

        Connect-WfaController -Array $SourceArray -VFiler $SourceVFilerName


        Get-WFALogger -Info -message $("Release VSM relationship")

        Invoke-NaSnapmirrorRelease -Destination ($snapmirror.Destination) -Source ($snapmirror.Source) -Confirm:$false

This will prevent your snapmirror schedule from getting deleted from your destination volume.

Also, this will prevent the snapmirror relationship details from being deleted from your source volume. This is to ensure your resync goes through successfully.



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Re: Break VSM command


That is exactly what I thought, just needed a little confirmation!


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